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Morning all, Today’s #MondayMotivation post is all about practice. How many hours do you put into your craft or that thing that you would like to excel at? They say 10,000 hours, yes 10,000 hours is the key amount of hours you need to put into anything to become an [...]

My Favourite Kettlebell Exercises

Morning all, This weeks #TrainingTips post is a list of 8 of the best kettlebell exercises. This list is not exhaustive nor is it the only exercises you can do.  These are my top 8 exercises for full body activation for any level of practitioner, which will develop strength, coordination, [...]

Let Fear Be Your Friend

Morning all, Today’s #MondayMotivation post is about fear. 2020 is now in full swing as we’ve just said good bye to March in the blink of an eye.  How on Earth did that happen? Have you been taking full advantage of making 2020 the best year so far, or has [...]

Structure Your Day

Morning all, It’s Monday again and lockdown or not here’s another #TrainingTips post for you. It’s been a strange old few weeks being in this lockdown and i’d being lying if I said everything was all great and it’s not effecting me.   All of a sudden our freedom has [...]

Protect Your Mind

Morning all, Today’s #MondayMotivation post is a brief one about your mind. I cant take the credit for this, I read this in one of my favourite books and as soon as I read it I knew I needed to share this with you. If a person gave away your [...]


Morning all, It’s time for a #TrainingTips post and today we’re talking about intermittent fasting. Know doubt you’ve all heard of it as it’s been gaining a lot more interest over the last decade.  But do you know and understand what it’s all about?  Well I’m here to tell you [...]

Calories & Hormones

Morning all, Time for a #TrainingTips post all about calories and our hormones.   Before I begin I need to warn you it’s a long one, sorry!  But I promise it’s worth the time. So for the last half century our traditional weight loss advice has been to eat less [...]

Are You A Spender Or An Investor?

Morning all, Today’s #MondayMotivation post is a question of how you move through life and you’ll be either predominately one or the other. What am I talking about?  I’m talking about spending and investing.  Are you a spender or an investor? I’m not talking about how many shares you own [...]

Understanding Portion Control

Morning all, This weeks #TrainingTips post topic is all about a common place where most people fall down when it comes to food, either through not paying attention to it or not fully understanding of it.  What am I talking about? PORTION CONTROL Many of us get confused with how [...]

See Permanence

Morning all, Monday has arrived and so another #MondayMotivation post is here to read and contemplate. Permanence is an allusion that distracts and misleads us all.   So many of us live blindly and completely unaware of who we are and what we have around us.  To stop and see [...]

Getting Accountable

Morning all, Today’s #TrainingTips post is all about one of the defining factors between you and you achieving your goals. What am I talking about? Getting Accountable One of the fastest ways to achieve your physique goal, your bench press goal, your deadlift goal, your nutrition goal, in fact any [...]

Finest Hour

Good Morning, Time to get thinking with today’s #MondayMotivation post.   Are you prepared for your finest hour? Your moment when your actions will change the course of your life?   ‘To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and [...]

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