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Halloween Special

Morning all, If you didn’t know it’s Halloween tomorrow so I thought it only fair to make todays #TrainingTips post a bit of a SCARY one. Here are my annual scary health & fitness facts that are bound to get you in the mood for Halloween and also scare you [...]

Your Visions

Morning all, time for a #MondayMotivation post. How often do you have visions? I don’t mean vision as in you’re a bit nuts but visions of a new you, a new life, or new opportunities?  I would hope this to be fairly normal.  Hopefully we are always looking to better [...]

It Happens To Each Of Us

Morning all, Today’s #TrainingTips post is a nice simple one. It happens to each of us at some point, even myself.  What am I talking about?  I’m talking about the motivation and drive to workout even when sometimes you really don’t feel like it.  Keeping your head on it all [...]

Looking In

Morning, Today’s #MondayMotivation post is one of looking in. Do you deflect positive energy?  Would you notice it if you did?Many of us avoid receiving positive energy by deflecting it’s flow and you probably don’t even realise you are doing it.  It’s more common than I even realised until I became aware of [...]

Could This Be The Holy Grail?

Morning all, Todays #TrainingTips post is all about changing the culture. Have you ever noticed the way as we and our relatives get older, everything seems to slow down and all your physical strengths seem to diminish year after year?  Believe it or not, what if I told you that [...]

Love What You Do

Morning all, Today’s #MondayMotivation post is all about doing what you love. I would love to sit here and write about all the stuff I love to do but that would be totally missing the point.   You don’t need to know about what I love to do, how will that [...]

Supersets 101

Morning all, This weeks #TrainingTips post is all about supersets. Supersets 101 Supersets you ask, what are they and how can they be useful to me? Supersets must be one of the most widely used training protocols out there.  I take advantage of this protocol all the time especially when [...]

Don’t Be Defined By Your Situation

Morning all, Are you ready for another #MondayMotivation post?  Well ready or not here it is. ‘Don’t Be Defined By Your Situation’ How profound a sentence is that? How often do we get court up and let situations in life dictate our paths and as a result define who we [...]

Get A Little Colder

Morning all, It’s time to embrace some cold for another Friday #TrainingTips post. It doesn’t seem many weeks ago that we were enjoying the mid twenties sunshine and the smell of BBQ in the air.  But the weather has definitely started to turn and those mornings and evenings are definitely [...]

Are You A Worrier?

Morning all, It’s that time again for another #MondayMotivation post and it starts with a question. Are You A Worrier? Image Source: © Witson | Stock Free Images We all worry on a day-to-day basis and it’s a completely natural thing.  But some worry more than others but what [...]


Morning all, This weeks #TrainingTips post is all about sugar. The sugar contents in food are and always will be a hot topic.  Why because the majority of us all over consume on the stuff and it’s not always down to eating too much cake.  There are added sugars everywhere [...]

It’s Your Turn

Morning all, It’s Monday morning again and so it’s time for a #MondayMotivation post. How often do you take the lead? Or do you prefer to be lead? Well It’s Your Turn It’s time to stand up and take the lead and inspire people to be better.  You see it’s not only [...]

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