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Supplements And Where To Start?

Morning all, It’s time for some #TrainingTips advise this Friday morning. Crash Guide In Popular Supplements Have you ever found the world of exercise supplements an absolute minefield?  I know I have and I do this for a living.  With so many different supplements available and with many companies boasting some of their supplements having [...]

Lets All Have A Good Laugh

Morning all, It’s Monday and it’s time for a #MondayMotivation post, Would you believe that laughter has been shown to reduce anxiety and pain as a result of the endorphin release?  It’s true.  Laughter has also now been associated with improved immune function, increased heart health and an ability to enhance [...]


Morning all, This weeks #TrainingTips post I’m talking about Strength. The 5×5 programme is a popular training protocol that promotes awesome strength gains and under the right nutritional status muscle hypertrophic gains too. Lots of training regimes seem to become more and more complex without the real need for it.  [...]

What Are Your Limiting Factors?

What Are Your Limiting Factors? Morning all, Time for a #MondayMotivation post, What are your limiting factors?  Have you even thought about them? One of the keys to unlocking your true potential in life is not necessarily searching out your area of excellence directly, but to search out what is [...]

What Is Keeping You From Your Gains?

Morning all, It’s Friday morning which can only mean it’s time for another #TrainingTips post. What’s Holding You Back? When it comes to achieving our goals in health and fitness, we’re all never completely satisfied are we?  This is because once we get to the level we first set out to [...]

Thought Provoking Monday

Morning all, It’s Monday morning once again so it must be time for a #MondayMotivation post. Todays post should be thought provoking as the title suggests.  I didn’t write this but came across it through the 21 days of abundance meditations with Deepak Chopra and I wanted to share it with [...]

Blood Flow Restricted Training

Morning all, This weeks #TrainingTips post is all about blood flow restricted training. Saay Whaaaaat….? Ok let me explain, blood flow restricted training or BFR is a training method that can be used to improve performance through the restriction of blood flow the a working muscle.  This is usually achieved by [...]


Gooood Morning, Another Monday has arrived we best start the week of with a #MondayMotivation post. Have You Learned To Be Helpless? A strange question, so first a story to explain.  In India when elephants are young they’re tied to trees to stop them running away, they do this to [...]

Handstands 101

Morning all, This weeks #TrainingTips post is all about handstands. I love handstands and all things related to being able to control and manipulate your body in weird and challenging ways, I’m a big kid really.  And most of us have a little more time to master some of these [...]

Do You Have The Recipe?

Morning all, Another Monday has arrived so it must be time for a #MondayMotivation post. We have just plonked ourselves into July and realising this, doesn’t it make you wonder where on earth has the last 6 months disappeared too?  Being just over halfway through this year already you should [...]

So How Quickly Do You Eat?

Morning all, This weeks #TrainingTips post is all about fast food and I’m not taking talking about takeaways I’m referring to how fast you eat. So how quickly do you eat? Strange question I know but the speed in which you eat has a direct effect on your body.  You’ve [...]

Lets Be Remarkable

Morning all, Time for a #MondayMotivation post. First a few questions: How are you going to make this week better than your last?   How are you going to take one step closer to your dreams? How are you going to ensure that everything up until now was not wasted?  [...]

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