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Anything & Everything

Morning all,  It’s only another Bank Holiday Monday…  But nevertheless here is your #MondayMotivation for the week ahead. Today I would like to share with you an old saying: ‘How you do ANYthing is how you do EVERYthing’  This small and powerful sentence holds many truths, both good and bad [...]

Not For The Faint Hearted

Morning all, This weeks #TrainingTips post is all about a training system that is not for the faint hearted. With the gyms still closed and many people not having access too much variations in weight as they’d like, there is a simple but effective training protocol that could just be [...]

Great Men

Morning all, This weeks #MondayMotivation post is inspired by a line that was spoken in a Netflix series the Mrs and I have just finished.  Afterlife it’s a great little watch, but anyway when this line was spoken I had to stop and rewind it and take it down word [...]

Heart Rate Variability

Morning all, It’s time for another Friday #TrainingTips post and today it’s about heart rate variability. I’m hoping that many of you now know what it is by now as I share this information every year as I think it is a very interesting area of research.  But for those [...]

Changing The World

Morning all, Today’s #MondayMotivation post is a simple one all about how we can change the world. With the understanding of two simple things we could change the world.  What are they, well you will find out as you read on.   These are nothing ground breaking, nor are they [...]

Margarine vs. Butter

Morning all, This weeks #TrainingTips post is going to be looking into a battle that has been raging on for ages. Margarine vs. Butter But which one wins?  First of all lets take a look into each one separately. Butter is a solid diary product made by churning milk to [...]

Our Tyranny

Morning all, This weeks #MondayMotivation post is all about our tyranny. Our Tyranny you say... what are you talking about? Well let me tell you and I’m not talking about the current lockdown.  Life has so many lessons for us to learn and grow from, some good, some bad, but [...]

How To Stay Young

Morning all, It’s time for a #TrainingTips post and today’s post is all about staying young. The worlds population has been growing larger year on year and this is not due to us producing more offspring (it helps of course) but it’s mainly due to us all naturally living longer. [...]

Whens Your Someday?

Morning all, Another Monday has arrived at our door step and whether we’re in lockdown or not it must be time for another #MondayMotivation post. How many times do you hear other people saying ‘Oh I’ll do that someday’?  And how many times do you hear yourself saying that too? [...]

Are You Ready To HIIT IT?

Morning all, This weeks #TrainingTips post is another great HIIT workout for you to get your teeth into. Are you ready to HIIT IT? HIIT is nothing new it’s been long attributed that high intensity interval training can help reduce excess subcutaneous body fat.  HIIT works by working at high [...]


Morning all, Today’s #MondayMotivation post is all about ambitions. Firstly ambition is a strong desire to do or achieve something.  I see ambition as an integral part of everyday life, as without it what are we and where are we going? When there is no ambition we are left with [...]

Regular vs Sweet Potatoes

Morning all, This weeks #TrainingTips post has and always will be a hot topic and one that is miss-guided. White foods have gotten bad press in recent years, with anything white being labeled as bad for you and can also limit your fat burning potential. But is this actually true?  [...]

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