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Motivation gets you started. Habit keeps you going.

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Let’s build something you can be proud of. A coach is there to guide, inspire and develop you. Together, we can work towards being the best version of yourself.

Let’s make it happen!

1 COACH DC – Body transformation expert, certified nutrition coach and personal trainer, based in Peterborough.


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CoachingDan Cumberworth
Strength and Conditioning Coach, Biomechanic and Movement Specialist and PN1 Certified Nutrition Coach. Educator, Innovator and AiM Practitioner.
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Evolving Education is exactly what is says on the tin, our business is all about evolving the education of the health and fitness industry and raising the standards of everyone who we teach.
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Based in Peterborough 1 Coach DC, Dan Cumberworth, provides a huge breadth of experience within professional sport and the fitness industry.
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Group classes and personal training with Dan Cumberworth. Prices, days and times.
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“Dan is an amazing coach and person. I have never worked with a more professional and brilliant coach.

Hi Approach to strength and conditioning is simple, but effective and even after a few months of his coaching I am feeling definite improvements in my Mixed Martial Arts game.

Cheers bro!”
– Fabio Ferrari Professional MMA Fighter

“I have cerebral Palsy in my legs and I play Football for England CP team.

Before I started my one-to-one with Dan my legs, and the rest of my body, were weak. He understood my disability and weaknesses and we worked together to build up my strength.

After a year with Dan I feel 10x stringer. My legs are stringer now which helps me in everyday life. It has also meant that i am able to carry on playing for England CP.

Thanks Dan!”
– Ryan Kay England CP Football


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